Sirius Engineering


Innovation is the application of better solutions to meet new requirements. At Sirius we have a solid team of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers who are constantly advancing our existing products, designing new products, and working with customers on unique applications. Whether you require a custom solar power pack for northern climates, a high efficiency low maintenance multipoint chemical injection system, accurate feedback control for critical applications, or remote well site lighting for class 2 environments, our team can design an engineered solution to meet your needs.

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." - Warren Buffett



Our Production/Operations Team is focused on what effects the customers. By implementing a five star quality control system with stringent quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process we constantly improve and meet our philosophy of ensuring our customers have the right product on schedule. Quality resonates throughout the organization in the workmanship and attention to detail displayed by our team. To further improve product quality and delivery our operations team has subscribed to "Lean Thinking" and are constantly improving our processes to further increase efficiencies. In addition to quality, Safety is a top priority of Sirius. We strive to have a zero injury work place and ensure our people and our customers are kept safe.

"Don't water your weeds." - Harvey McKay
Stop devoting time and energy to processes and procedures that are sapping efficiency. Like weeds, if these processes and procedures are allowed to go unchecked they can quickly wreak havoc and cause all kinds of problems along the production line.


Sirius Sales


More than just a sales team, our people provide a "trusted resource" to our customers. Through sales leadership & training our sales team is 100% focused on selecting the best product and design for our customer's application, as well as being able to assist our customers in field support. Their experience is available to help keep our customers wells operating, through education, assistance, and proper design.

"Success is not delivering a feature; success is learning how to solve the customer's problem" - Mark Cook, Kodak

Sirius Leadership


The leadership team at Sirius are rooted in the oil and gas industry. They understand what it takes for a company to be successful and the importance of working closely with your customers and your team to be successful together. The innovative and entrepreneurial culture established at Sirius is one of the keys to success, providing an environment for people to think freely and provide feedback for improvement. At Sirius we want everyone to feel valued in both opinion and effort, this leads to a culture of loyal, hardworking and satisfied employees, which results in continuous product and service improvements for our customers.

"Good business leaders create a vision, articulate that vision, passionately own that vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion." - Jack Welch


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