High Quality Lean Facility
High Quality Lean Facility


Sirius Instrumentation and Controls has adopted a LEAN methodology in our manufacturing process. With the help from Gemba Academy, we provide in house training and certification for the members of our team. Our people have learned to identify inefficiency and waste and use Lean tools to eliminate it from our manufacturing process. Transforming from batch production to one piece flow or assembly line manufacturing has dramatically improved our ability to service our customers with quality product, and the fastest delivery times in the industry.

Introducing a functional Kanban System has improved our inventory control and eased the pressure we have had to put on vendors to "Rush" parts or equipment. We are dedicated to communicating with our vendors to establish healthy relationships that meet or exceed the needs of our customers.

Events such as Kaizens or Mini Kaizens create a culture of continuous improvement and are critical to the success of Sirius. We take pride in the steps we have taken and understand the benefits this transformation has provided to our Customers, Team, and Company.


Quality control along with Lean manufacturing is one of the corner stones of a successful production department. At Sirius, we believe strongly in its importance and the value of a stringent quality control system brings to both our customers and to Sirius. Our quality control program is a five-star system with over 130 quality checks performed on each and every chemical injection system manufactured. This unparalleled effort results in a very high probability of our customers receiving defect free product each and every time. We listen to our customers and encourage feedback on how we can be better as a company and improve on our products. All customer feedback is taken very seriously through a "corrective action" initiative. CAR's are one part of how we are constantly improving on our relationships with our customers including: our product, the order process, quality documentation, delivery and our future products.

Our quality program is modelled around ISO 9001 and we plan for full certification in 2017.

ISO - 9001
5 Star Quality

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