Custom Applications

NOVA Tank HardTopper

NOVATM Tank With HardTopperTM

Our flagship solution is the most complete chemical injection package available. Every detail has been thought out to make sure the system is user friendly and meets the customer requirements. Tube it in and turn it on! True secondary containment keeping the pump and fittings from dripping onto the ground. The HardtopperTM provides added assurance that during rain or snowfall the containment will not overflow causing environmental cleanups. Entire AC or solar tank skid can arrive on site C1D2 rated with the motor still C1D1

The StingerTM Stand

The StingerTM stand can be used for retrofit applications or when a tank already exists on site. Two operators can safely lift the Stinger stand out of the back of a truck without the need for a picker on site. Batteries are included in box below pump allowing for a true plug and play install.


Stinger Stand


Custom Chemical Injection Skids

We provide customized chemical injection skids designed for your specific applications. Everything you need comes in a single package. To simplify and reduce field work the skids are designed with a single "power in" & "modbus" tie in location. All tubing is complete to skid edge making final tie in quick and easy!

Advantages of skids built in a factory versus field include: (1) quality product that is built the same way every time, (2) eliminating inefficiencies of remote field work including cold weather delays, travel, and subsistence, and (3) being able to work with the end user to improve the design.

ApolloTM Power Pack

The large ApolloTM strut stand is used where significant solar energy is required for the application. It can compliment any of the pump systems in a permanent, or temporary situation. Often being used on start up wells where pressures or flow rates are high: as they decline the ApolloTM is then moved to another new well.

apollo power pack

Sirius Pump Building

Pump Buildings

Sirius Designs and manufactures complete pump buildings. These structures are engineered to meet all applicable codes necessary for your project. The building size is customizable to house the injection systems desired along with any ancillary equipment. The Sirius buildings allow the customers to streamline engineering and procurement and ultimately puts the chemical injection system design in the hands of experts. Pump buildings allow for simplified black box spec on engineered drawings while standardizing site installation for operators and construction teams on site.

Strut Mount for Containment

Great for new builds or retrofitting tanks with bath tub containments. The strut sits across the containment and everything is over top of the protected area.

Strut Mount

Strut Stand

Strut Stand for Containment

Would be used in place of a Strut Mount if tank containment size is not known at time of order. The strut stand will fit ALL bathtub containments.

Pump, Motor & Controller (PMC)

The PMC comes in both general purpose and hazardous rated configurations. It can be set up for either AC or DC applications using the exact same pump, motor and controller.
The hazardous rated version is typically shipped as individual pieces providing the most flexibility for mounting. The general purpose system is generally shipped as one piece but can be provided as separate pieces if required.


Horizontal TSA

Horizontal TSA (Tank, Stand & Containment)

The Horizontal Tank Stand and Containment package is the lowest budget tank package option that provides the customer with a variety of tank and open containment sizes while still remaining budget friendly and mitigating against spills.

NovaTM Tank System

The NovaTM tank package is a complete package configuration that is used in climates where rain and snow do not present a problem. Every detail has been thought out to make sure the system is user friendly and meets the customer requirements. Tube it in and turn it on! Entire AC or solar tank skid can arrive on site C1D2 rated with the motor still C1D1

Nova Tank System

Barrel Stand

Barrell Stand

The Barrel Stand is used in applications where the customer prefers to keep the chemical in 45 gallon barrels. The Sirius barrel stand provides the secondary containment of the NovaTM System as well as the environmental shelter of the HardTopperTM. The Barrel stand comes available in both single and double barrel and can be configured with one pump pumping two chemicals. Easily replace barrel by sliding it on the built-in rails or lifting one side of the HardTopperTM.

Internal Bench Mount

Inside buildings when multiple pumps are required for a well or a multi well pad, Sirius will configure custom set-ups making the operators job easier. Clean, organized design simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting, and permits a more efficient tubing run.

Internal Bench Mount

Skid Mounted Steel Tank System

Perfect for those application where you plan on moving the package from site to site, or where it is being transported and located on rough terrain or very hazardous locations. The durable design is safe, robust and oilfield tough!

Steel tank Skid

Vertical Tank Mount

Vertical Tank Mount

A vertical tank provides a marginal improved accuracy when using the sight glass to calculate tank level decline. Sirius provides several vertical tank sizes available with optional animal guards. All the valving and connections are housed within the containment, preventing any potential leaks from dripping on the ground.

Steel Tank with
Bathtub Containment

Steel tanks are typically used where the chemical is incompatible with HDPE. The steel tank can be configured in a steel or plastic bath tub, or a Nova configuration.

Steel Tank Bathtub Containment

Tank and Stinger Combo

Tank and Stinger Stand

In some cases, our customers have a preferred tank vendor or want the pump to be mounted off of the tank. Although it is not the best decision from a spill stand point it is sometimes preferred for other reasons. A Sirius Stinger stand can be mounted on existing tanks already in the field or tanks that are purchased separate from the pump system. The pump, motor and controller will arrive 100% wired up, with solar if necessary. Minimal work on site required.

Multi Pump Strut Stand

Wellsite's and facilities sometimes require multiple pumps and only have a small footprint available. This compact minimal footprint skid provides a solution to this dilemma.

Multi Pump Strut Stand

Heli Skid

Heli Skid

This package was designed for remote wellsites which were only accessible via helicopter. The small sturdy footprint is balanced appropriately to allow a helicopter to transport and safely drop in place.

Mobile Trailer Skid

Many sites only require chemical for a short period. In addition, some chemical providers need a portable trailer unit to conduct chemical trials at multiple sites on an on-going basis. This unit can be easily towed from site to site.

Mobile Trailer Skid

Pile Mount Pump Stand

Pile Mount Pump Stand

Some sites require all equipment to be mounted on piles for various reasons including the spongy nature of muskeg. The Sirius pump stand can be mounted to a single pile. This simplifies engineering in many cases where the ground is not suitable for large equipment.

Dual Wall Tank System

Dual wall tanks are used in a variety of circumstances. They are an alternative to the Nova design as they have a containment within a containment. Unfortunately, they cannot mount the pump in such a way that the pump and fittings are protected by the containment. Whether your looking for a small 50 gallon dual wall tank or a large 2,000 gallon tank system the dual wall tank stand and package arrives ready to go and is built to fit your chemical storage needs.

Dual Wall Tank System

Dual Tank Dual Head Alternate Flow Pump System

Dual Tank with Dual Head
Alternate Flow Pump System

Perfect for when you need two different chemicals into the two locations at different rates. Small and compact design minimizes footprint. All the valving and connections are housed within the containment, preventing any potential leaks from dripping on the ground.

Stainless Steel tanks

Stainless tanks are used in a variety of applications where the chemicals are extremely corrosive or react with plastic and carbon steel. Sirius provides a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

Stainless Steel tanks


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