The Sirius InSightTM provides critical information about the injection process. Fluid is automatically metered through the sight glass in the same way an operator or pumper would calibrate the pump. This information is provided to the Fusion Controller for analyses and feedback.

Flow Verification:
Issues such as an empty tank, blocked filter or maintenance needs are identified immediately and can be remotely communicated and managed in a cost effective and preventive manner.

Tank Level:
The tank level can be checked remotely to improve inventory management and the tank refill scheduling.

Closed loop feedback injection rate control:
The actual flow rate is continuously monitored and compared to desired rate, changes are then automatically made to pump speed ensuring accuracy 100% of the time. This optimizes chemical treatment, while avoiding costly over and under injection.

Flow rate variations can occur due to pressure or viscosity changes, battery or power changes, and due to pump or intake issues.

Insight Table Specs


  • A single InSightTM system can identify individual flow at each point of a multipoint system.
  • Individual alarms can be triggered instead of one average alarm. This is important because in some cases, under injection on one point may mask over injection on another and not trigger the average alarm. InSightTM will not miss such a condition, it will pinpoint the issues individually and specify the direction and magnitude of the flow error saving time and money.


Tanks come in many shapes and sizes; horizontal cylinder, vertical cylinder, rectangular, elliptical, loaf, "U" shape etc. Because of this variability a level measurement in the tank is at best a guess of the volume remaining. InSightTM is equipped with modelling software providing the ability to convert fluid height into volume refining inventory accuracy.

InSight Inventory Control

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