chemical injection control

GEMINI IITM is Sirius' newest patented engineering development in variable speed control technology. The controller has been designed to work with most pump motor combinations under 4 HP. Anywhere that you desire to 1) have ultimate control of your injection rates, 2) communicate through SCADA, or 3) want to simplify calibration the Gemini II will solve your problems.

The patented GEMINI IITM allows operation to go from variable speed to intermittent to batch production all automatically, providing the most flexibility, ease of operation, and ground breaking turn down ratios never before available in metering pumps.


GEMINI IITM tightly integrates variable speed rate with injection control to deliver combined advantages such as;

  • We provide multi-point injection where the speed is adjusted for each point to maximize injection time and optimize accuracy even when point to point rates vary significantly.
  • This level of integration also allows complete control of the pump which eliminates the need for an additional recirculation loop thus reducing system complexity and maintenance.
  • Keeping the customer's maintenance needs in mind has also driven us to use variable speed and injection cycle integration to deliver a unique closed loop injection process that can be expanded across multipoint applications without the need for multiple, complex, flow measurements.
  • Developing our own controller systems has also allowed us to go the extra mile to ensure that as we deliver advanced capabilities we do not make our products more complex to use. For instance; the controller is able to use both a wide span of speed control and intermittent flow if needed. From a user perspective this is implemented in a completely transparent manner. The controller automatically uses the stored calibration data and desired rate to optimize the injection mode to be as continuous as possible and informs the user on our display of the current process. Gone are the days of leaving it up to the user to change pumps, stroke lengths, plunger sizes, run times, and cycle periods in an attempt to get a crude change in injection rate.

Sirius has a long term commitment to maximizing value and flexibility of our controllers. For this reason we do not use third parties for controller hardware and software design but instead have a team of developers who work closely with the business to ensure we meet the needs of our customers today and are focussed on continuous improvement for the future. This allows us to respond quickly to customer needs and ensures that your investment in Sirius products has a future that grows with your needs.

chemical injection control

For those customers who use both our AC and DC controllers we have made it even easier. Combining the logic used in Sirius' FUSION DC controller to provide both a common platform between AC and DC equipment now gives operators a sense of ease when using software and hardware which are functionally identical on both electrical supplies.

chemical injection control

To the left, is an application where the GEMINI IITM is used to operate a third-party pump to electronically control the injection rates of a mechanical style pump. In addition, the variable speed motor technology built into the GEMINI IITM controller took the pump from a 10:1 turndown ration to a 1000:1 turndown ratio. The added turndown of the pump combined with the automation capabilities of the GEMINI IITM controller allowed the customer to scale the required injection rates based on the level of flow in the process.

The GEMINI IITM Intelligent Calibration is an in-situ test thus accounting for intake head, viscosity, and injection pressure. The GEMINI IITM learns what the operator is trying to achieve during calibration and performs the necessary calibration calculations so the operator does not have to. Visual Rate Feedback eliminates the guess work with setting rates. Sirius continues to engineer the highest quality products providing Profitable Environmental Solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry.

  • SCADA Ready
  • Closed Loop Feedback Control
  • Certified and approved to CSA standards for the entire system

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